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It’s Pruning Season in Bendigo!

We’re preparing our grapevines for the Vintage 2020. Come behind the scenes with us and watch Tony Winspear talk about the pruning process in the vineyards and its critical role in winemaking.

Covering an area of 200 acres sit about 65,000 vines of Shiraz & Cabernet at Balgownie Estate Winery. The vineyard is looked after by our Head Winemaker; Tony Winspear and his team in Bendigo.

Currently, the vines are undergoing the process of pruning that takes about 7-8 weeks of both machine work and manual labour.

The above image shows the grown vines in the centre, the machine cut vines on the left and the manually trimmed vines on the right.

The experienced pruner will examine the vine and leave a certain amount of buds based on the strength of the grapevine, this affects shoot growth and the size of the fruit bunch and hence is a very critical aspect of winemaking. 

As the oldest winery in Bendigo, Balgownie Estate and its team pay careful attention to pruning with an aim to produce the highest quality of fine wine. The process takes time but guarantees that the fruits produced will be of the highest quality and hence despite the challenging winter, our skilled team continues to work in the vineyard from 7:30 am till 4:00 pm every day for up to 8 weeks. The precision, commitment and effort needed to examine and work on the vines are spectacular! Needless to say, we’re proud of our team working tirelessly day and night to ensure excellence at each stage of the winemaking process.

Till harvest, let’s consume some award-winning wines!

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